Marvel Select Archangel Action Figure

Marvel Select Archangel Action Figure

Calling all X-Men fans! The Marvel Select line is back with another incredible addition to your action figure collection. After the immense success of their Iceman release, Diamond Select Toys (DST) is here with an action figure that has been years in the making. Say hello to the Marvel Select Archangel Action Figure!

Archangel: From Angel to Marvel Select Figure

For those who may not know, Warren Worthington III, formerly known as Angel, has transformed into the fearsome Archangel. Now, you can bring this iconic X-Men character to life with a meticulously crafted 1/10 scale action figure. This figure captures every detail of Archangel's powerful presence in the Marvel universe.

Impressive Features:

One of the standout features of this Marvel Select Archangel Action Figure is the inclusion of removable articulated wings. Archangel is known for his stunning feathered wings, and this figure allows you to pose him in various action-packed stances or for a more majestic display. The level of articulation in the wings is simply astounding, making it a must-have for fans and collectors.

Marvel Select Archangel Action Figure

Variety of Heads and Hands:

To add even more value to this figure, DST has provided multiple interchangeable heads and hands. You can customize Archangel's appearance to suit your preferences or recreate iconic moments from the comics and animated series. This versatility ensures that your figure remains interesting and fresh on display.

Perfectly Sized:

Standing at 7 inches tall, the Marvel Select Archangel Action Figure strikes a balance between being compact enough for display and large enough to appreciate the intricate design and detailing. Whether you choose to showcase it on your shelf, desk, or in your collector's cabinet, this figure is sure to impress.

Stunning Design:

The design of this figure is a true work of art. Yuri Timg's creative vision and Chris Dahlberg's sculpting skills have brought Archangel to life in a way that captures his otherworldly essence. Every detail, from the feathers on his wings to the determination in his facial expressions, is expertly crafted.

Marvel Select Archangel Action Figure

Display-Ready Packaging:

DST knows that collectors value not only the figure itself but also the presentation. That's why the Marvel Select Archangel Action Figure comes in a display-ready Select action figure packaging. The packaging features side-panel artwork, allowing you to keep the box as a reference for your collection.

The Marvel Select Archangel Action Figure is a stunning addition to the Marvel Select line, and it's a must-have for any X-Men enthusiast. With its attention to detail, versatility, and impeccable design, this figure is a true collector's dream. Don't miss the opportunity to add Archangel to your X-Men collection and relive the epic battles and adventures of the Marvel universe in the comfort of your own space. Grab your very own Archangel figure today and let your X-Men assemble in style!

Visit the Marvel Select Archangel Action FigureΒ product page atΒ Si-Fi ToysΒ for full details!

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