Moon Knight: Fist Of Khonshu #0 Comic Book

Moon Knight: Fist Of Khonshu #0

A new phase of Moon Knight storytelling begins this October in MOON KNIGHT: FIST OF KHONSHU #1. The new series is the latest evolution of Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio’s redefining run that began in 2021’s Moon Knight and continued in the wake of Marc Spector's death in the current Vengeance of the Moon Knight series.

To herald the launch, comic retailers received a special surprise shadow drop variant edition of MOON KNIGHT: FIST OF KHONSHU #0 this week! This unannounced issue follows up on the events of Blood Hunt #4 and not only is it an essential chapter, it’s also a perfect starting point for readers who want to jump into one of the hottest modern Marvel sagas. The issue underscores the scope of MacKay and Cappuccio’s riveting take on the Moon Knight mythos by spotlighting the now-iconic crew of the Midnight Mission, shedding light on recent developments, and setting the stage for Marc Spector’s next era! This week, retailers received a variant cover of MOON KNIGHT: FIST OF KHONSHU #0 by Cappuccio, but they can immediately order copies of the issue featuring a main cover by E.M. Gist.

Marvel Comics Moon Knight: Fist Of Khonshu #0

FULL MOON RISING! As an avatar and agent of the Egyptian God of the Moon, Khonshu, former mercenary Marc Spector has died and come back to life on more than one occasion. To the ignorant, his fate beyond death’s grasp may seem idyllic, but being chosen as a fists of Khonshu comes with a heavy cost! And, like bones in a street fight, Marc Spector, and the multitudes he contains, may be about to break!

"The father, freed. The son, returned. Marc Spector, Jake Lockley and Stephen Grant hit the streets once more as Moon Knight, and he's making up for lost time,” MacKay shared. “The streets have changed since Moon Knight died, and I'm excited to explore how he deals with all-new threats to his territory along with fellow Midnight Missionaries Alessandro Cappucio, Rachelle Rosenberg and Devmalya Pramanik! MOON KNIGHT: FIST OF KHONSHU #1 marks the 40th issue of our time with Moon Knight- and we've got plenty more that we're looking forward to sharing with you!"

Visit the Moon Knight: Fist Of Khonshu #0 product page at Si-Fi Toys for full details!

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