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Mythic Legions Rising Sons

Mythic Legions Rising Sons

The first major story arc of Mythic Legions concludes with the “Rising Sons” wave! This epic wave pits the barbarians of the House of the Noble Bear against the mercenaries and assassins from the Sons of the Red Star! It features a number of new figures boasting brand new parts - including the massive bear mount, Bodvar!

The Mythic Legions Rising Sons wave features a number of new characters which have been highly requested by fans, including “version 2” releases for a pair of the most important characters - Attlus the Conqueror and Skapular the Cryptbreaker! Not only are these new figures redesigned from the ground up with all new parts, they each also come with extra pieces to make “alternate versions” of these characters from a past time in the Mythic Legions story. With 2 distinct looks for each figure, it is expected that Legions fans will be buying extras!

Mythic Legions Rising Sons

There is also a mount for each of these characters, including the massive Bodvar the bear for Attlus and the dark unicorn, Uumbra, for Skapular!

Joining Attlus’ side are a host of new warriors, including the Viking-inspired Broddr of Bjorngar, the female frost elf Neve, the ogre-scale minotaur Regarionn, and the epic dwarf 2-pack called the “Exiles from Under the Mountain.”

On the side of the Sons of the Red Star we have a female shadow elf named Manisha Cinderhorn, the deadly Diis Paatar, and the terrifying demon swordmaster Yoshanai Kari!

In addition to these new figures, the Mythic Legions: Rising Sons wave also includes a pair of weapons packs and a special release dwarf head being made available ONLY to our Approved Retailers!

This exclusive dwarf head is the same sculpture that was given away for free with ALL IN sets for the direct preorder. It has been repainted in a new deco exclusively for retailers to offer for sale.

Visit the Mythic Legions Rising Sons collection page at Si-Fi Toys for full details!

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