One:12 Collective Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Batman Action Figure

One:12 Collective Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Batman Action Figure

If you're a Batman fan or an action figure collector, prepare to be thrilled. The One:12 Collective has introduced the stunning Batman: Gotham by Gaslight action figure, a unique rendition that takes our beloved Dark Knight back to the Victorian era. This isn't just any Batman figure—it's a meticulously designed piece that captures the essence of a steampunk Gotham, making it a must-have for any collector.

A Victorian Vigilante

Outfitted from cowl to boot in a Victorian-inspired ensemble, this Batman stands out with his historical flair. His cloak cape features an integrated posing wire, allowing for dynamic displays that bring the figure to life. The utility belt isn't just for show; it can store up to three of the included throwing knives, adding an extra touch of authenticity.

The figure comes with three distinct head portraits, including an unmasked version that showcases Bruce Wayne in the 19th century. This attention to detail ensures that each pose or setup can tell a different part of Batman’s story from Gotham by Gaslight.

Iconic Gear and Gadgets

True to Batman's resourceful nature, this figure includes a variety of accessories. His Glider, with hinged wings, can be spread or collapsed, making it perfect for recreating scenes of Batman soaring over Gotham’s gas lamp-lit streets. The package also includes six throwing knives, four foldable Batarangs, and a grappling hook with rope, ensuring that Batman is always ready for action.

One:12 Collective Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Batman Action Figure

Articulation and Detailing

Standing at approximately 17cm tall, the One:12 Collective Batman figure boasts over 30 points of articulation. This high level of flexibility means you can pose Batman in almost any stance, from combat-ready to brooding on a rooftop. Hand-painted with authentic detailing, every aspect of this figure reflects the quality and care that has gone into its creation.

Additionally, the figure comes with ten interchangeable hands, including fists, posing hands, and knife-holding hands, allowing for further customization and storytelling possibilities. Whether Batman is in the heat of battle or examining clues, these accessories help bring your scenes to life.

Collectible Presentation

Packaged in a collector-friendly box, the Batman: Gotham by Gaslight figure is designed with display in mind. The box not only protects the figure but also enhances its presentation, making it an ideal addition to any collection. The set also includes a One:12 Collective display base with a logo and an adjustable display post, ensuring that Batman stands tall in your display case.

A Journey Back in Time

Gotham by Gaslight takes Batman’s debut and transports it to the 19th century, where he faces off against none other than Jack the Ripper. Working alongside Inspector Gordon, Batman unravels the mystery of the Ripper’s identity and delves into the dark secrets surrounding his parents’ death. This figure captures the essence of that gritty, atmospheric tale, making it a standout piece in the One:12 Collective lineup.

In summary, the One:12 Collective Batman: Gotham by Gaslight action figure is more than just a toy—it's a gateway to a different era of Gotham, filled with mystery, danger, and the indomitable spirit of the Dark Knight. Whether you’re a fan of Batman, a history buff, or a dedicated collector, this figure is sure to be a prized addition to your collection.

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