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Redcoat #1

Redcoat #1

Dive into the thrilling world of Redcoat as we unveil the much-anticipated series premiere of Redcoat #1! Get ready to meet Simon Pure, a British redcoat with a flair for adventure and a knack for getting into trouble. But there's more to Simon than meets the eye – he's immortal, a mercenary, and well, kind of a tool. Created by comic legends Geoff Johns (you know him from Geiger) and Bryan Hitch, Simon Pure is about to take you on an unforgettable journey through time and mystery.

Picture this: it's 1776, and Simon Pure finds himself entangled with none other than the Founding Fathers during the American Revolutionary War. But this encounter changes everything – Simon gains immortality, setting the stage for centuries of adventure, intrigue, and a fair bit of chaos. From rubbing elbows with historical heavyweights like George Washington and John Hancock to facing off against his arch-nemesis Benedict Arnold, Simon's life is anything but dull.

Redcoat #1

But here's the twist – nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to see Simon Pure again. Not Einstein, not Annie Oakley, not even the Founding Fathers themselves. So, what's the deal with Simon's immortality? Who's pulling the strings behind the scenes? And how has Simon inadvertently shaped the course of history?

Get ready for a wild ride as Simon embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind his powers and the shadowy organization that lurks in the background. With each page turn, you'll find yourself drawn deeper into Simon's world, captivated by his antics and eager to uncover the secrets that lie ahead.

And here's the best part – Redcoat #1 is packed with 34 pages of non-stop action and intrigue, all for the unbeatable price of just $3.99! Don't miss out on this epic series premiere, part of the thrilling Ghost Machine rollout. Grab your copy today and prepare to be swept away by the adventures of Simon Pure, the immortal rogue with a knack for stirring up trouble wherever he goes.

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